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Postby curveball » Sun Nov 02, 2003 11:15 pm

I hope I don't sound like a gloating fan, but I'm absolutely amazed at how bad your offense looked. Dallas' D came into the game ranked #1, but that's more a product of playing teams that were struggling offensively, not the dominance of the defense.

We Cowboy fans have almost a running joke about Coakley's inabilty to shed blockers, Yet he had a big sack. That might be because NO ONE even attempted to block him.

The front four put moderate pressure at best on Ramsey, but Nguyen, Coakley, Williams, and I believe Woodsen had sacks. That is not a player problem, but a scheme problem.

When Dallas laid off the blitz, you had your one drive and it was very efficient. Again that points to not a lack of talent, but poor coaching.

Bill Parcells told Carter in training camp that there would come a point that Carter would beg defenses to blitz, does anyone think that Spurrier and Ramsey feel the same way?

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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Sun Nov 02, 2003 11:26 pm

Curveball - that doesn't sound like gloating, just honesty.

I have been preaching changes in my posts, not to the owner (unrealistic, and people better get used to hands on owners as they are starting to become more prevalent in the league), but to the schemes the coaches are running.

Realistically, Spurrier runs a west coast offense, but makes his QBs read from the longest options to the ones closest in rather than from right to left or left to right. He is trying to go deep at all times, and that is what he is stressing to Ramsey at all times, and the poor kid is going to get killed.

What people aren't seeing is what I talked about in the State of the Defense report I did and how the defense doesn't do what they need to do to make up for certain deficiencies. The coaches looked so amazed that they changed a few personnel and nothing else, but that nothing changed in the ways they played or performed.

The scheme as it stands is flawed, and in a large way. The speed of the NFL is too fast to go deep all the time. There is a reason most NFL teams have a limited number of strikes down the field, and this is it. QBs who stand in the pocket for 8 seconds with 5 blockers become tackling dummies.

Nothing that the owner has done has caused that, other than to bring in a coach everyone praised, give him good talent and watch in chagrin as the offensive genius is getting schooled in the NFL.
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