What a complete and total waste of our 3rd round pick!

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Postby DaSkinz Baby » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:43 pm

Since creating this thread I have pretty much been crucified by the powers that be. This has made me do more research on this Shannon Sharp/Aaron Hernandez Hybrid we have drafted. I will admit that upon initial articles on this player I was not impressed. At 6 feet 2 and what I kept reading was 4.7 40 time and him not playing TE that long, I deemed him being BPA at that spot we took him as BS. Now I am doing more reading and the post has his best 40 time as 4.5. Now if this is true this gives me more ease to back off my initial impression and frustration of what I perceived as a wasted pick. I look forward to seeing this guy and I seriously hope that he if nothing else can take Niles Paul spot because I actually like the idea of 2 fast pass catching TE'S in the game at the same time I.E. New England and hope that we can get Fred back to 100% and his speed is still there and add this dude as well. I want us if nothing else to sweep Philly, Dallas and New York and if this guy is as good as everyone on here is screaming than I will sit back with my chips, and Captain and love to see what he has to offer in the preseason.......


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Postby emoses14 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:44 pm

Chris Luva Luva wrote:
emoses14 wrote:
DaSkinz Baby wrote:
langleyparkjoe wrote:DaSkinz Baby .. don't sweat it man, look @ it like this. Our new regime has done good stuff with the drafts so I think they've earned the benefit of the doubt.. take a lets wait and see approach and remember we don't know whats going to happen with Fred in the future so this may be a good pickup in the long run.

LPJ trust me I am not sweating it. Opinions are like A holes everyone has one and they usually stink, even mine. I enjoy the comments actually it's awesome we have such passion as fans, even though most of these come off as bumbling boobies :nana: I mean whoever has time time to thoroughly dissect every comment I have made on this little old thread as Chris and Emoses have done shows me far more than I actually care. So to both of them CALM YOUR NIPS!! It's really NOT THAT SERIOUS!!! ROTFALMAO No one knows what this dude will do or whether he will even take Niles Paul spot. No one knows the future, and if one little person like me causes such a over reaction to a simple post well I will leave that for what it is, pathetic. Fact or Opinion I didn't like this pick and I am entitled to that. Now if I am eating crow by October or sometime this season GREAT the world will still revolve and I will still be loving my Redskins.....

In lieu of reasoned response, you chose the butthurt retort of "Yeah, well, well, you have too much time on your hands, buddy. Geez, you care too much. Lighten up!"

Big. Surprise.

I think we've all attempted to get our point across. Let's try to move forward. I think @DaSkinz Baby's is coming around.

Yeah, that's my bad. I actually went back and edited that response because i didn't like the tone of it, but you're just so damn fast CLL, you got in there before I was done.

I know he got a pretty good zip on the ball. He has a quick release. . . once I seen a coupla' throws, I was just like 'Yeah, he's that dude.'"

-Santana Moss on Our QB

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Postby Chris Luva Luva » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:46 pm

emoses14 wrote:Yeah, that's my bad. I actually went back and edited that response because i didn't like the tone of it, but you're just so damn fast CLL, you got in there before I was done.

No worries bruh, it's cool.

DaSkinz Baby wrote:Hail!!!

And with that, it's water under the bridge. Let's just all move forward and focus on the team. If you have any questions or concerns, just PM me.
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