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Postby Redskin in Canada » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:41 am

Countertrey wrote:
welch wrote:RiC: that avatar got Monk into the HoF. (or at least it helped)

RiC's avatar certainly didn't hurt... but it spent it's summers in Nova Scotia, and couldn't be heard over the bagpipes singing out "Scotland the Brave"

Ohhhhhh ... you might be kidding but we DO hear it proudly EVERY year and never fails to stir our blood. :wink:

but we could be listening to somebody like A.M. Stewart beautiful SONG based on MUSICadapted to a Robert Burns POEM

For our unfamiliar brothers ...
One of the most famous love songs associated with Robert Burns, 'My Luve's like a Red, Red Rose' was composed prior to 1794 when it appeared in a collection by an Edinburgh composer named Urbani.

It later appeared in James Johnson's Scots Musical Museum in 1796 and in George Thomson's Select Collection of Scottish Airs in 1799. Part of the song's appeal is its use of powerful, natural imagery to convey a love that is ever-lasting and capable of surviving both distance and time.

As strong a tradition from Scotland as there is.

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