Can't wait for preseason

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Can't wait for preseason

Postby skinsfanno9 » Fri Aug 01, 2003 3:17 pm

Going to the training camps a few times has me now watering my mouth for pre-season. I think the WR and RB competitions will be intense and interesting. Its hard to tell based on the training camp where the WRs break down. So many or them are pretty good. I've seen gaffs by most of them too.

As for running backs, if I had to guess, right now I would still think they are keeping all four tailbacks (Betts, Watson, Canidate and Morton). What little I've seen of Sultan McClough has not impressed me beyond reason. I think both he and Brad Banks would be thrilled to make the practice squad.

On the flip side, I'm rather afraid to see the defensive line, but maybe someone will step up.

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Postby TennesseeCarl » Fri Aug 01, 2003 3:33 pm

How's that offensive line? Aren't they the key to our season? Of course, I guess it's hard to judge them if they're going against a wretched defensive line, but only time will tell.

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Postby Terry » Fri Aug 01, 2003 8:47 pm

Looking at that clip of the Bowen hit, it appears that they were using the speed of the backs and the quickness of the OL to run a sweep.

It certainly appeared that they had boxed in the linebackers as the RB turned the corner.

So I assume that we'll be seeing more of a spread attack like that.

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