Let's talk tailbacks

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Let's talk tailbacks

Postby BossHog » Wed Aug 13, 2003 12:55 pm

Sultan McCullough's performance at camp is said to have vaulted him into a position of perhaps making this team (according to media reports).

I'm wondering how that's going to happen. With Chad Morton assured of one of the slots due to his exceptional special teams abilities, that leaves 3 spots open MAX!

Trung has been getting most of the reps, so you have to figure that he will get one of the 3 remaining spots.

That leaves McCullough, Kenny Watson, and Ladell Betts. Oh and Robert Gillespie too.

Just wanted your opinion on who the Skins should go with.

Might as well tack on what your opinion is of a 'runningback by committee' setup too.


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Postby Chris Luva Luva » Wed Aug 13, 2003 1:57 pm

I think they made a mistake offering Morton a spot. That wasn't a good idea because he was brought in to return, end of story, that offer was just a lure, one that the Skins may regret.

Candidate - I'm not sold on yet.
Watson - 7/10
Betts - We need a back with some size.
Gillipsie (spelling) - Alright, won't make the team as a RB
McCollough - Needs to make the team, MAYBE behind Trung he Im not sure deserves the #1 spot. He has power speed and agility. I like him a lot.

Shyt, we should have kept Davis but I won't beat a dead horse.

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Postby Jake » Wed Aug 13, 2003 2:09 pm

1. Betts
2. Canidate
3. Morton
4. Watson

Practice Squad:
Robert Gillespie or Sultan McCullough.

Adrian Murrell is coming back to the league with the Cowboys!
Anyone have an idead of where Ryan McNeil might go? Maybe the Skins will get him to start w/ Bowen. Probably won't happen b/c we have Terrell, Lott, and Ohalete.
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Postby newshog » Wed Aug 13, 2003 3:26 pm

I was just going to post about Sultan--what's your impression of him, BossHog (or anybody), as a player. Does he have a heart for the game? Seem like a good guy? I appreciate it when you guys share the impressions you've formed of certain players.
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Postby skinsfanno9 » Wed Aug 13, 2003 4:03 pm

Gillespie can't be on the practice squad again can he? He was on is some of last year I thought. GIllespie's real strength isn't RB, but appears to be special teams, this is where he will make the team if he does. This is also where Sultan and Kenny Watson are right now. Two similar starting RBs are enough I think (Trung is faster but Ladell is definitely stronger - I want to see him play some).

Trung will make the team gauranteed. The question is whether he or Betts will start. Sultan only can push them for a starting job if he does awesome in the remaining preseason games and those two don't perform. He has looked good in practice (better than Gillespie), but I didn't expect the breakout he did last saturday. Before then, Trung and Chad looked the best in practice. Sultan has been getting as much work on special teams as Gillespie the times I saw. I wouldn't be surprised to see him return a kick this weekend. If he does well on special teams, he's in I think.

I think we won't know the RB situation until Betts gets back in shape. I'm worried about Watson making the team at this point, which is a shame because he seems like a really good, versitile all around back. He needs to get healthy in a hurry and produce.

As for Morton, I think he will make a great third down back. He was terrific in the draw plays they ran in practice. Wouldn't surprise me a bit to see him as our 3rd and long back.

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Postby BossHog » Wed Aug 13, 2003 5:29 pm

Well you pretty much summed up my thoughts on Morton, and Gillespie completely. I think that Chad can even fill a broader role at RB if given the opportunity. Having said that... he's far better suited to his specialty, so limiting him to 3rd down action and ST definitely lessens the risk of injury.

I also agree that if Watson doesn't get well soon, and show something... he'll be left out in the cold. Which is a shame, because he's a real likeable guy.

Betts was injured for the entire time I was at camp, so I didn't get to gauge his ability. We almost need to keep him for tough yardage and goal line situations... he's the biggest back we have. We can use Bryan Johnson and Rock Cartwright in those situations, but the defense won't have much troubl;e guessing who's getting the rock before too long.

That brings up another interesting point... the FB's. Will we keep Johnson AND Cartwright if we carry 4 RB's and 6 WR's on the roster?

The jury is still out on Trung for me. He showed flashes of brilliance in what I observed at camp, but other times he was unnoticeable. In my opinion, if he can't win the starting job outright... we might as well release him and take the cap savings of keeping Watson and Betts. It's only about 500K, but that's 500K more for Mr. Bailey or Mr. Arrington.

We watched SD do nothing last year. The Fun 'N Gun just isn't built around the RB's. I know, i know, there were some great RB performances at Florida while SOS was there. But a lot of that yardage was late in games and din't come from 'high profile' RB's. Please don't misunderstand... i'm not in any way shape or form denying the importance of a RB in ANY offense. I'm just saying if Trung doesn't show enough to make the decision simple, take the cap savings. Personally, I want to see him win the #1 slot.

...this is not my rank of ability, it's what I would like to see happen.

1. Trung
2. Ladell
3. Chad
4. Kenny

PS - McCullough

Like I said... that's not an observation... it's a wish list for the best possible success for this team. i choose Kenny at #4 strictly for injury reasons. If any of the three above him go down... I think he's our most reliable replacement. If Sultan can really shine on ST... I have no problem giving him Kenny's spot on my board.

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Postby skinsfanno9 » Wed Aug 13, 2003 6:28 pm

I agree that Trung has to show us something, I think it would be tough for them to dump him though. He would have to fumble a bunch, make no yards, AND have Betts and Watson shine for us to dump him. This is possible (hope it doesn't happen or its gonna be a loooong preseason). I agree that he ain't gonna be makin the tough goal line yards. I'm hoping Betts can do that. His legs are monsterous compared to Trung's. Its amazing he's as quick as he is with his legs being as big as they are.

The thing that actually hurts Sultan is he can be placed on the practice squad. I think he's ok, but I'm not going to get on his bandwagon above the other three unless he gives us this type of performance a few more times.

In placing people on the practice squad, do we have to cut them first and let them go through waivers or is that only when we bring them back?

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Postby spearfeather » Thu Aug 14, 2003 12:34 am

1st and 2nd down Trung
3rd and long Morton
3rd and short Betts
4th / Goal - line Betts, Cartwright, Johnson
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Postby BossHog » Thu Aug 14, 2003 6:55 am

Yeah spearfeather... that's EXACTLY what I was thinking.

Provided that Trung can win that starting job. He has big potential. I had him in my fantasy pool the year before last because I had Marshall Faulk too. When Faulk went out with an injury, I dropped Trung in just in time for his 195 yard performance. I also ended up watching that whole game and he was AWESOME. The next week he had over 100 yards receiving, though not as good ground numbers.

If he can learn this offense well, it's very well suited to his talents.
Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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