Report: Woman dead of overdose found in home bought by Irsay

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Report: Woman dead of overdose found in home bought by Irsay

Postby DarthMonk » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:05 pm ... t-by-irsay

According to the Indianapolis Star, two weeks before Irsay's arrest, a woman named Kimberly Wundrum died of a suspected drug overdose at a townhouse given to her by Irsay last August.

Meanwhile, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, writing for last week, contrasted the differences between Irsay, a white owner, and former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, a black player accused of gang ties.

"Commit certain crimes in this league and be a certain color, and you get help, not scorn," Sherman wrote. "Nobody suggested the Colts owner had 'ties' to drug trafficking, even though he was caught driving with controlled substances … and $29,000 in cash to do who-knows-what with."
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