Antoine Winfield visiting on Wednesday

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Chris Luva Luva wrote:Lol never mind



I know the qb lines up in a mid shotgun position with the rb close... And that he makes his read and then has his options . I just don't see a total difference in a pro set with audible calling from a PA or run play to a designed qb draw. I think the main thing it was designed for was to have the audible in the play design so that he could make his read instead of calling all the audibles- it gave him choices. I think it was meant to help him read the D and learn. I also think he did change plays from time to time, but can't prove it.... except for the game his headset was down.

If that's way off base, again, feel free to enlighten me...

It's not like you to cave in a discussion, so the cop out nevermind response is a little weak..but if your done, no big deal.
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