Redskin All-Time Team Poll - Left Tackle Runoff

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?

Who was the best Redskin left tackle of all time?

Joe Jacoby
Jim Lachey
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Postby langleyparkjoe » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:16 am

Jacoby.. but I'm biased cuz I met him when I was a youngster. I remember looking straight up to see him like.. "dude, you are God" :lol:
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Postby The Hogster » Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:10 pm

SKIN4LIFE wrote:
The Hogster wrote:
SKIN4LIFE wrote:
The Hogster wrote:
Deadskins wrote:
The Hogster wrote:Honestly the best LT is Chris Samuels.

Disagree. Samuels was third best of the group.

I said if we're ranking the best Redskins LTs--considering their impact on the team's success, etc, then Samuels is the 3rd best. & Jacoby is the no brainer #1. But, if I'm scouting these three players at the same time in each of their careers, Samuels is the best player. In the end, I went with Jacoby. But, Jacoby was not a more talented LT. Even Joe Gibbs said that Jacoby got by on grit, determination and heart. He is a legend. That's why he's #1.

Sorry, but nobody, well maybe you, thought Samuels was the best LT in the league when he was playing. He wasn't better than Ogden, Pace, or Walter Jones (all played during parts of his career). I know who picks the probowl, but I don't remember Samuels being voted in as a starter. The guy was great against the bottom feeders of the DE position and just good against the premier pass rushers. Not to mention, he wasn't going to manhandle anyone in the run game.

That is why I have to go with Jacoby. Lachey was a technician, but I like those nasty lineman who will get you a 3rd and 1, guaranteed, just run right up Jacoby's back and move the chains.

just my 2 cents.

I said in the NFC. Read slower. Ogden was in the AFC. And, yes, Walter Jones was better than Samuels. But, Jones is an All Time great LT. Being consistently the 2nd best to one of the All Time best is nothing to sneeze at. Not to mention, I said that Jacoby is the best Redskins LT. Just like Art Monk is the greatest Redskins WR, but if you ask me Charlie Taylor was a better athlete. It's a matter of how you view the question when you're comparing players across 3 decades.

I read your post again, and whether I read it slower or faster you said Samuels was regarded as the best LT in the NFC by his peers. That statement is false. You supported the rest of my statement when discussing Walter Jones. I like Samuels but I personnally think he was overrated. I can see why you are a fan and I respect your opinion. Just making sure the facts are accurate and it is a fact that he was not regarded as the best LT in the NFC at the time. So maybe you should type slower and more accurately. Take Care.

The NFC is not "the league" as you said. It's a conference within the league. And, the Seattle Seahawks were a member of the AFC for the first 4 years that Walter Jones played. But, whatever.

The bottom line is Samuels was a perrinial Pro Bowler at LT

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Postby welch » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:02 pm

Lachey. Lawrence Taylor could not beat Lachey one-on-one. Taylor was too quick for Jacoby when LT rushed the passer; Jacoby would trample Taylor on running plays.

Lachey was nimble...always got himself between Taylor and the QB. Taylor couldn't go outside, couldn't go inside, and couldn't go through Lachey.

Belichick finally had to disguise Taylor...have LT lay back, circle from the opposite side after someone else had locked up with Lachey.

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