Grantland power ranking teams' entertainment value

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?
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Grantland power ranking teams' entertainment value

Postby cvillehog » Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:10 pm

I wasn't going to post this, because I don't think the Redskins being the most fun team to watch is actually all that great an honor, but I thought his little blurb was pretty funny: ... tchability

1. Redskins

… Robert Griffin III, who is the most exhilarating football experience since Michael Vick emerged on the scene in 2002. And RG3's numbers blow Vick's away. Keep in mind that Griffin leads the league in completion percentage (70.8 percent) and yards per attempt (8.5) with Leonard Hankerson and Josh Morgan as his starting wideouts, and that doesn't even consider his value as a runner. You know how Simmons has the Tyson Zone for celebrities who are so crazy he'd believe anything he heard about them? I feel the same way about Griffin on the field. If I'm watching the Red Zone channel on Sunday and I see the "Coming up … " image with a Redskins graphic, my mind races. Did RG3 just kick a 65-yard field goal? By accident? Did he go back in time and relieve Drew Storen? Is he hosting the Red Zone Channel right now? You could tell me RG3 accomplished just about anything during a game on Sunday and I'll believe it. These days, nobody in football is more watchable or entertaining.

(Emphasis mine.)

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