Spurrier monday press conference

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Spurrier monday press conference

Postby BossHog » Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:02 pm

Steve Spurrier's monday address to the media is up at the official website here. I was trying to jot it down as I listened, here are the things I managed to get down...

Bunch of guys banged up... sprained ankles... Chad Morton, Todd Franz.. Lavar bruised his shoulder but should be ok, Haley sprained his shoulder and is doubtful, Center Larry Moore sprained his foot, we'll have to wait and see. Sultan broke his hand, low at RB... Canidate should be ready to go this week though.

.... they outplayed us and outcoached us in all 3 areas of the game... def, off and ST

.... should have onside kicked near the end there... but we know Dallas could have won by more than 7 pts.

How's the attitude?
No finger pointing, we're all struggling... gonna keep on scratching and clawing.

Have teams figured out the Fun 'N Gun?
Certainly seems that way right now. Teams are blizing us and we don't seem to be able to block them. Sure, sure we gotta make some adjustments here and there. But the last few games some of the hits are something we have to concern ourselves with. We're not blocking at all... 4 guys, no matter how many guys they bring

P-Ram running around when he should be comfort... probably from all the hits, so we need him to stand in there and that means we have to block

Couple of S blitzes that surprised us... hopefully we're not gonna get that. They had some good schemes I guess that we weren't ready for.

Didn't capitalize when they sent 8-9 guys til Jacobs late in the game.

It was 3-and out a bunch of times.. ran okay, should have run the ball more...

PJ played well... missed an audible earlier... we need to get him to play more... need to get DM in there more too.

How's your spitits coach?
My spirits are fine... I went in there thinking we had a solid plan that did not work out that way. Nah, I'm not that discouraged... we're getting stopped for the same reasons all offenses get stopped. We're struggling a little bit right now and we're gonna try to get better.

lack of sense of direction in the organization?
I can't control too much... I try to control the players and that's all that I can do

fng can't respond to blitzes
I been coaching 20 years and i've seen lots of blitzes. We didn't block well though. If you're gonna throw the ball down the field you gotta block

Russell? he made some good plays in there. Lionel Dalton made some good plays in there too... saw him pushing some guys backwards in there.
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Postby Texas Hog » Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:37 pm

Did anyone see the Parcells interview after the victory?

No details, no excitement, no aw shucks.

Just...we didn't play very well and will have to play better.

I personally like his approach to the press...and wish the "genius" would take a few notes on how it's done. SS talks way too much. To the point where he looks and sounds like an backassward idiot. I want to like this guy, but he needs to shut up and then maybe his players will fear and respect him or vice versa.
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