Mid Term coaching grades!!!!

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Mid Term coaching grades!!!!

Postby HitDoctor » Fri Oct 31, 2003 11:55 am

I can agree with all except one................Offensive line coach. On the home page Eric gives them a "C". This may be true if they didn't flinch and fart with every audible that P-Ram tried to call. This definitely falls under discipline and in the body of the article he gives that aspect an "F", deservedly so. I think if they jump offsides on numerous occassions this weekend, I might break my TV (that may give me an easy sell on Plasma to mrs. HitDoctor :-k).

I agree with the overall grade of C-, though. Going through the schedule with my Father at the beginning of the season, I did predict 3-4 through the first 7 games, but I didn't predict the manner in which it occurred. Hopefully they will play to their potential this half.

Here is my 2nd half prediction.........6-3. They will finish 9-7. They will get the wild card by beating out seattle (head to head win).
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