back to the drawing board ...

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back to the drawing board ...

Postby learnnew » Mon Oct 20, 2003 5:02 am

Spurrier has blamed his players for not fighting, and has promised major changes! what has this team come to? the coach openly blames his players for not giving 100% for him. well, shame on him and shame on them!

other than firing the coaches midseason (which is not going to happen), what are the changes you guys think we should make if we are to even have a chance of salvaging the season?

offhand, i can think of the following goals for the team:

1) protect ramsey
2) eliminate penalties
3) sack the opposing QB and have a credible pass rush
4) come up with a working system for audibles
5) curtail freelancing of the LBs and improve the rush defense
6) ask champ bailey if he wants a contract extension at all
7) be prepared to adjust the game plan during the game - get alternative game plans ready in case the original plan does not work

last but not the least, if what spurrier said is true and some guys are not giving their best, then take some drastic action - cut them or bench them at least for a couple games!

have i missed anything? how do you think we can achieve these goals?

Go Skins! For 10-6 or higher!

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