Ed Reed signs with the Jets

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Ed Reed signs with the Jets

Postby Deadskins » Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:11 am

With our issues at safety, Reed probably should have been considered, even though he's ancient.
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Re: Ed Reed signs with the Jets

Postby cowboykillerzRGiii » Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:25 pm

Honestly I've been thinking the same thing... I'm glad we didn't mess with him tho, shows our maturation w Shanny & co. As fans we are still used to paying top dollar for over the hill players to come retire rich.
Still can't fight the feeling that we could use his services! Lol
A high caliber Safety and a true number 1 wr is def on my wish list. Saying huh bye to Fred Davis and no cap penalty I think we go HAM in FA.... Course there isn't really anyone to be too excited about hitting the marketn... #redskinsluck < everything else
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