League Player Movement - 8/26 (Bonus Redskins coverage!)

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League Player Movement - 8/26 (Bonus Redskins coverage!)

Postby Justice Hog » Tue Aug 26, 2003 3:30 pm

Updated: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 4:45 p.m. EDT (12:56)

San Francisco 49ers

Waived RB Rashaan Salaam on 8/25.

Waived WR Justin Skaggs on 8/25.

Waived WR Jermaine Lewis on 8/25.

Waived WR Aaron Lockett on 8/25.

Released CB Fred Weary on 8/26.

Released S Scott Frost on 8/26.

Released OG Domingo Graham on 8/26.

Released DE Byron Frisch on 8/26.

Released OT Ben Archibald on 8/26.

Released DE Jayce Saylor on 8/26.

Released LB Marcus Reese on 8/26.

Re-signed DL Dwight Johnson on 8/26 after releasing him earlier on 8/25. Terms undisclosed.

Chicago Bears

Waived WR Jamin Elliott on 8/25.

Waived S Julius Curry on 8/25.

Cincinnati Bengals

Acquired WR Kevin Walter off of waivers from the Giants on 8/26.

Released S JoJuan Armour on 8/26.

Waived WR Ron Dugans on 8/26.

Buffalo Bills

Re-signed QB Jason Johnson on 8/25. Terms undisclosed.

Released TE Ray Thomas on 8/25.

Released OG Richard Seals on 8/25.

Released WR James Jett on 8/25.

Released S Tony Driver on 8/25.

Released CB Ahmad Brooks on 8/25.

Released RB De’Mond Parker on 8/26.

Released WR Andre Rone on 8/26.

Released LB Brandon Spoon on 8/26.

Cleveland Browns

Signed TE Jeff Kostrewa on 8/26. Terms undisclosed.

Released OT Jason Jimenez on 8/26.

Released DB Oliver Celestin on 8/26.

Released DE Michael Boireau on 8/26.

Released TE Bob Slowikowski on 8/26.

Released DB Jermaine Jones on 8/26.

San Diego Chargers

Signed free agent RB Leon Johnson (Rams) on 8/26. Terms undisclosed.

Kansas City Chiefs

Released S Henry Baker on 8/25.

Released RB Henri Childs on 8/25.

Released PK Jose Cortez on 8/25.

Released QB Scott Covington on 8/25.

Released CB Willie Ford on 8/25.

Released C Jonathan Ingram on 8/25.

Released TE Mike Pinkard on 8/25.

Released WR Wilson Thomas on 8/25.

Monkey Dallas Cowboys :moon:

Waived DL John Nix on 8/25.

Miami Dolphins

Waived WR Marqin Hooks on 8/25.

Waived WR Chris Jackson on 8/25.

Waived T Jarvis Borum on 8/26.

New York Giants

Waived S Charles Drake on 8/25.

Waived WR Kevin Walter on 8/25.

Waived QB Ryan Van Dyke on 8/25.

Waived RB Antonio Warren on 8/25.

Waived WR Derek Doris on 8/25.

Waived TE Mark Inkrott on 8/25.

Waived OT Dion Meredith on 8/25.

Waived OG Vincent Sandoval on 8/25.

Waived DL John Frank on 8/25.

Waived DL Cliff Washburn on 8/25.

Waived DL David Thompson on 8/25.

Waived LB Eddie Strong no 8/25.

Waived OG Sean O’Connor on 8/25.

Waived TE Dan O’Leary on 8/25.

Waived DT Ahmad Miller on 8/25.

New York Jets

Waived C Matt O’Neal on 8/25.

Detroit Lions

Waived RB Luke Staley on 8/25.

Waived WR Travis Anglin on 8/25.

Released LB Ken Philpot on 8/25.

Released OG Zach Wilson on 8/25.

Green Bay Packers

Waived QB Akili Smith on 8/26.

Waived TE Tyrone Davis on 8/26.

Waived TE Luthar Broughton on 8/26.

Waived TE Cory Geason on 8/26.

Waived WR DeAndrew Rubin on 8/26.

Waived FB Tommy Collins on 8/26.

Waived OL David Porter on 8/26.

Waived WR Rob Johnson on 8/26.

Released CB Keith Burnell on 8/26.

Released DT Steve Warren on 8/26.

Released DE Eric Powell on 8/26.

Released DL Cullen Jenkins on 8/26.

Released DT Terdell Sands on 8/26.

Released S Jacoby Shepard on 8/26.

Released OT Reggie Coleman on 8/26.

Carolina Panthers

Waived LB Lawrence Flugence on 8/25.

Waived CB Brad Franklin on 8/25.

Waived DT Eric Manning on 8/25.

Waived C Ben Nowland on 8/25.

Waived WR Francis St. Paul on 8/25.

Waived G Tim Stuber on 8/25.

Waived RB Skip Hicks on 8/25.

Waived CB Emmanuel McDaniel on 8/25.

Waived QB Randy Fasani on 8/26.

New England Patriots

Acquired G Jamil Soriano from the Bears on 8/26 for a conditional 5th-round draft pick in 2005.

Oakland Raiders

Released WR Charles Pauley on 8/25.

Released Ryan Hoag on 8/25.

Released C Blaine Saipaia on 8/25.

Released DL Daniel Nwangwu on 8/25.

Released TE Roland Williams on 8/26.

Released CB Calvin Branch on 8/26.

St. Louis Rams

Released OT Matt Anderle on 8/25.

Released C John Romero on 8/25.

Released WR Steve Battle on 8/25.

Released WR Dedrick Dewalt on 8/25.

Released RB Leon Johnson on 8/25.

Released FB Chad Kuhns on 8/25.

Released FB Maurice Rodriguez on 8/25.

Released QB Greg Zolman on 8/25.

Released DE Randy Garner on 8/25.

Released DE Roderick Stephen on 8/25.

Released DT Bary Holleyman on 8/25.

Released CB Kevin Knight on 8/25.

Released K Owen Pochman on 8/25.

Signed TE Spencer Nead on 8/25. Terms undisclosed.

Signed OT Orlando Pace to a 1-year $5.73 million qualifying offer on 8/26.

Released DT Robert Haws on 8/26.

Baltimore Ravens

Waived LB Amon Arnold on 8/25.

Waived DT Trey Freeman no 8/25.

Waived LB Brenden Givan on 8/25.

Waived RB Dameon Hunter on 8/25.

Waived PK J.R. Jenkins on 8/25.

Waived QB Matt Lytle on 8/25.

Waived C Mike Mabry on 8/25.

Waived DE David Nugent on 8/25.

Waived CB Raymond Perryman on 8/25.

Waived CB Artie Smith on 8/25.

Waived WR Hugh Smith on 8/25.

Waived LB Nick Stamper on 8/25.

Waived WR Milton Wynn no 8/25.

:celebrate: Washington Redskins :celebrate:

Waived FB Thad Buttone on 8/25.

Waived DL Nic Clemons on 8/25.

Waived WR Scott Cloman on 8/25.

Waived WR Sean Dillard on 8/25.

Waived LB Shamar Finney on 8/25.

Waived WR Richmond Flowers on 8/25.

Waived OG Tre Johnson on 8/25.

Waived OG Rod Jones on 8/25.

Waived P David Leaverton on 8/25. DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! ;furious;

Acquired DT Lionel Dalton from the Broncos on 8/26 in exchange for a 5th or 7th-round 2004 draft pick, depending
on how much he plays. :celebrate:

Released DT James Cannida on 8/26.

Released CB Alex Molden on 8/26.

New Orleans Saints

Released CB Reggie Doster on 8/25.

Released OG Shawn Draper on 8/25.

Released CB Lynaris Elpheage no 8/25.

Released WR Ira Gooch on 8/25.

Released S Corey Hall on 8/25.

Released WR Terrell Harris on 8/25.

Released RB Curtis Keaton on 8/25.

Released P Mark Mariscal on 8/25.

Released OT Jared Peck on 8/25.

Released WR Terrill Shaw on 8/25.

Released FB Demetrius Smith on 8/25.

Released RB Walter Williams on 8/25.

Seattle Seahawks

Released WR Cedric Bonner on 8/25.

Released OG Konrad Dean on 8/25.

Released PK Remy Hamilton on 8/25.

Released DT John Hilliard on 8/25.

Released QB Jeff Kelly on 8/25.

Released OT Justin Kroeker on 8/25.

Released CB Tony Scott on 8/25.

Released FB Ed Stansbury on 8/25.

Released LB Tim Terry on 8/25.

Released OT Michael Thompson on 8/25.

Released WR James Williams on 8/25.

Released P Rodney Williams on 8/25.

Houston Texans

Waived C Matt Anderson on 8/26.

Waived S Curry Burns on 8/26.

Waived DT Howard Green on 8/26.

Waived DT Charles Hill on 8/26.

Waived TE Patrick Hughes on 8/26.

Waived P Craig Jarrett on 8/26.

Waived QB Mike Quinn on 8/26.

Waived K Todd Sievers on 8/26.

Waived OT Tarlos Thomas on 8/26.

Waived LB Antonio Wilson on 8/26.

Released FB Deon Dyer on 8/26 after he failed a physical.

Tennessee Titans

Released WR Anthony Dingle on 8/25.

Released WR Jerome Riley on 8/26.

Released LB Lee Jackson on 8/26.

Released LB Fred Barr on 8/26.

Released OT Mario Branch on 8/26.

Release CB Derrick Tatum on 8/26.

Minnesota Vikings

Waived Juston Wood on 8/25.

Waived DE Andrew Tippins on 8/25.

Waived LB Jarrod Penright on 8/25.

Waived P Nick Murphy on 8/25.

Waived CB Willie Miles on 8/25.

Waived CB Jermaine Mays on 8/25.

Waived TE Matt Huebner on 8/25.

Waived K Todd France on 8/25.

Waived OL Michael Early on 8/25.

Waived OL Robbie Doane on 8/25.

Waived DT LaWaylon Brown on 8/25.
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