The end of the world we know...

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The end of the world we know...

Postby cowboykillerzRGiii » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:57 pm

Fancy title eh? Well this isn't the ancient Mayan calander the world is ending doom and gloom. But I had a crazy dream that I may develope into a book if I can find the time and energy to write again. So ill explain my dream like a story..

Beep beep.. not sure why I have an alarm on a 93 jeep grand Cherokee, lifted 6 inches, lockers, 35" tires, fenders cut, and body damage to boot. Ya no good excuse to why, only that its my baby. As I made my way to the front porch I noticed the neighbor talking to the cop I saw when I pulled up, only now she's shooting me the evil eye, likely remembering a small fire near her mail box some years ago.Mrs Santiago, pretty much the wicked witch of the north (or is it east?) is a bitter middle aged woman, with too many cats to count. I'm sure she's breaking a law or two. That many cats, even for a witch, is out of hand. Now as if on cue the officer shoots a look in my direction; flustered I divert eye contact and reach for the door. Before I could grasp the knob the door opens , giving me a slight jolt, as my Mom and Kelly appear in the door way.
Kelly, what a sissy name, and sissy he is most of the time. Mom is a hard worker, but seriously deserves better. I'm suppose to say "Kelly" is my step dad, because he proposed like five years ago, a nd promises to ring the wedding bells when the cubs win the world series. Seriously? The $%&? Cubbies? We both know the Skins will win a title before that happens. :up:
Kelly's got that "handyman" look, and for being one he isn't to handy to have around most of the time. His bristled smoke grey hair looks like a mullet under his (always random) hat with layers of textured over spray. Not being able to grow much facial hair, he looks rat faced with the whiskers he's been growing since (viet)nam. I'd never know if he was "dressed up", because even on the golf course people think he's there to fix a sprinkler.
"Hey Shawn, what's wrong?" Moms motherly tone shining as she read me like an open book stepping out. She was wearing her "lets lose some weight with Jillian from the biggest loser" outfit, told me right away its evening walk time.
Damn! She's good, I think to myself.
"uh.. nothing mom." I say wrinkling my brow in my best attempt at feigning confusion.
"SHAWN?" She says sternly more commanding then asking at this point.
I slip past the couple, throw my back pack inside the door, and tie my shoe knowing I'm in for the walk now.
"Can it wait? I'll tell you on the walk..?"
"Ok that's fine, do you need a water..."
"LET'S GO!" Kelly interrupts. "Burning daaaayLIGHT! " he blurts as he's jogging in place near the end of the driveway, like some kind of athlete wannabe.
I close the door, sarcastically mimicing his last statement.... If we only knew how true those words would turn out to be.
"what's that hun?" Mom asks affectionately.
"Nothing, let's go."
We all start jogging down the sidewalk greeting Mrs. Santiago and the copper before crossing the street . The path we take has a mesa/ natural ditch/drainage way on one side and a residential street on the other. We make our way up to the school, a little over halfof a mile, and circle down through the residential area for a little over a mile round trip.
"So what is it Shawn?" Mom asks with a hint of worry in her tone.By now we are about half a block up, and all three of us slowed to a walk.I glance back at my jeep quickly, making sure we are out of ear shot, and they aren't investigating my plates.
"That cop freaked me out kinda, and I know Katie still hates me and Josh for burning her mailbox... It was an accident! And like six years ago what the hell?!"
"What? She doesn't hate you, Mrs Santiago knows you've grown up" mom replies looking perplexed. "What are you talking about??"
"My tags are expired , and... And she was dogging me all sick talking to that damn pig. And he..."
"You know I don't like you calling police offers that !" She scolded. "Dogging you? This isn't highschool Shawn, your 19 now!."
Feeling trampled I felt my face cringe at her words, but before I could plea or feel sorry for myself, Kelly jumped in with his two cents.
"Tags expired? I thought you used your last check from Hastings"(a video store that had to lay me off after working there almost three years part time) "over two months ago to register that piece of $&85 !" He barked in dissatisfaction.
"Well... I, uh.." I blurted fumbling over my words.
"Forget it! I'll pay the registration, but your a(butt) is mine until you work it off. I have weeds to pull and rock to lay at Mark Studabakers house this weekend ..and after class you'll be there" he declared.
"But, I have plans to go to the puerco" a local rock climbing and fourwheeling place not far from our town, "with...."
Then it started. Being born and raised in the land of enTRAPment, New Mexico, I wasn't prepared for this. Out of no where a low rumble emerged, one you could definitely hear as much as feel. Earthquake? We don't get these! In panic I lept ahead going nowhere in particular, just out of shock. I could hear Kelly going through the book of swear words vaguely behind me, but I felt like I was in slow motion. The feeling one gets sometimes in the beginning of a fight, where your punches are just floating by, until you get hit. Trying to calm my nerves I look around, and see that the trees are shaking, MUST be an earthquake! Sooo weird, and practically unheard of in this state. Then, quite suddenly, I was hit. It was a hard right to the jaw, breaking the slow motion wall down and slapping me back to real time.
The clouds! The sky! What's happening? The hit came from the shadows on the street to my right. Big, ominous, dancing shadows. Quickly darting. What's going on?! ! No sooner had the thought occured to me to look up I was answered by Kelly's fanatical wailing.
"Just pass us you sob! F&*@ you! Just miss, miss us! Go! GO! GOOooooo!"
In an instant I looked up and knew. From slow motion to lightspeed I caught up to what was hapening. The shadows were flocks upon flocks of birds, they always seem to know about stuff first. Who tells them the storm is coming? Stupid analytical thoughts at the worst moment, ya that's me. And there it was... Slowed down to slow motion again I gazed in amazed disbelief. The asteroid, the biggest, was coming NOW. It grew from a pebble, to rock, to moon, to planet size in a breath. Big fiery rock of death was here, so fast so soon no time to react. It quickly blotted out most the sky , shadowing its target in darkness. It looked to be miles away, but also so close. As I jumped for no reason onto the sideof the curb, seeking some kind of shelter, I heard Kelly's last words echoing in my head.
"This is it, bye guys...."
I feel myself being.launched around, but still lying on the curb.. my eyes feel clenched shut, but I see the rolling clouds of grey and Brown dust, debris coming towards me. I feel the wave of energy hit me and pin me down before the grey cloud, of Albuquerques remains, each me. This IS it.. I'm going to die now. But in these split instances I find myself perplexed as to why/how I can think, and feel and not be dead already. As I feel the debris start to rain down on me, I cover my face and let go. Of life? Certainly as we know it. Blackness falls, either unconscious blackness, sleep, or the other... The one you dont wake up from. As this blackness is fading out the turbulence of the outside world, the storm of destruction crashing upon me... I wonder one last thought: if I survive , somehow this isn't the end, I sure jeep is ok. A rock crawler would be ice to have in this...............

I can't really edit on, I'm not Dostoevsky nor do I claim to be so judge away but keep that in mind. Teenage wasteland! Lol not the title but will be playing in the jeep, IF its there and I'm not dead along with the rest of the world of course.Dunno if I will write more but that pretty much sums whacked out dream. To the mods if I cussed, ill try to fix it I tried hard not to.
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Postby cowboykillerzRGiii » Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:05 pm

Wow proof reading shows I have TON of errors. If I see that.many there is most likely 3 tons. I will make my way to a computer and edit it asap my appologies
#21 forever in our hearts
“I wanted to just… put his lights out ….because, you know, …Dallas sucks…” - Dexter Manley

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