MD vs Temple

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MD vs Temple

Postby fredp45 » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:37 pm

Did anyone see that game?

I'm now on a Turgeon game coaching watch....

7-9 minutes into the 2nd half, Temple builds a 10 point lead, or so. Md starts a run and comes back to one down. During that run Michael Parker was in the game and was playing a huge part of the run...huge part. Md looked as good during that stretch as they've looked all year against a good opponent.

Then Temple calls a timeout with 9 mins to go. Turgeon pulls Parker out AND never puts him back in the game.

With our team Mark needs to let the hot 5 go for God's sake. Keep the guys in the game when they are hot. If you come out of the timeout and the team starts to lose their edge, sub out.

Temple proceeds to pull away. Too much coaching. Crazy

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