Where is the "Ol' Ball Coach"

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Where is the "Ol' Ball Coach"

Postby The Skins Fan » Sun Oct 26, 2003 4:18 pm

Ever since Coach Spurrier signed that $25 million dollar contract, I have stood in his corner, defended him and took his side. After the complete unraveling over the past couple of weeks, I have lost alot of confidence and belief that Spurrier is capable of being successful in the NFL. This next week against Dallas will (for me) tell the tail if he is capable. This is the biggest game of Steve Spurrier's NFL coaching career thus far in my eyes. He must be the guy to pull this team together.
This is an absolute MUST win game for several reasons. Losing this week would drop the Redskins to 3-5...0-3 in the division...The playoffs are completely out the window...That's not including the fact that the Redskins are playing the Cowboys...Losing to Dallas would be complete devastation to the team, us the fans and the organization.
The upside is, it gets me sort of an excited feeling in my gut after this past week. Not just Bugel and Foge coming in to put a voice in it, but Coach Spurrier coming out and saying he's going to go back to his old style of coaching. That puts a spark in me because all year long, I've been asking myself "where is that fun n gun in the sun, blood-faced, veins popping through his neck, visor tossin' Ol' Ball Coach?????" "Where is that guy who stampeded the sidelines in Gainseville???" Yes, obviously Spurrier did have to adjust to a completely different level..College and NFL--same sport, different game...But is it possible that Spurrier over-adjusted and under-adjusted at the same time??? Over-adjusting of completely overhauling his playbook because all the analysts and media saying "you have to rely on the run blah, blah, blah" and then falling under a "spell" or something like, to over-adjusting his offense as a result of the "Life of an NFL head football coach and the pressures that go with it" But at the same time Under-adjust his offensive scheme as far as his pass protection and the schemes of defenses and blitzes and how to pick them up. That's where Bugel can play a major part.
That's why this week is so important to Spurrier (in my--a fan's eye). I really hope he pulls it all together this next week. Have a lost some confindence? Yes. Have I lost some belief. Yes. But I'll tell you what I have a lot of--and that is hope and faith.

Note: The Giants just beat the Vikings--another reason this game is so important.
Hail to the Redskins...Hail Victory!!!

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