Who Do You Hate the Most?

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?

Who do you hate the most?

Poll ended at Mon Nov 24, 2003 11:01 pm

Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Eagles Fans
Total votes : 21
... deep in TX
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Postby Texas Hog » Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:58 pm

no offense Venting...agreed, any pole is a good one - just don't see any other hated that could surpass a Skins fan's hated for the pukes

It's a damn shame the pukes hate the 49ers more than us....I hope that will change sooner rather than later. We need a coach that will draw attention to the rivalry.

The pukes can't stand that they lost a few conference championships to the likes of Montana, Craig and Rice?

I agree the NFC East was and is still head and shoulders above other divisions in the NFC.
God bless our troops and Joe Gibbs.
We'll miss you, Joe.

#21 gone, but never forgotten.

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