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Postby Deadskins » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:31 am

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tribeofjudah wrote:Thanks Hogster....very nicely put together.

My question would be: why 2 more RBs? We have Morris, Helu, Royster.

Someone is getting PUSHED OUT for sure. Competition is a bitch.....

I'm not a fan of Royster, Helu had and continues to have an inability to stay healthy. Royster brings absolutely zero spark to the offense, at least he doesn't fumble.

I'd keep Royster though for that reason, at least he's available to play. I don't think he's terrible, but we definitely want an upgrade when we get the chance. Hopefully one of the two rookies will knock either Royster or Helu out this year. I don't think it's inconceivable if they both do well they knock both of them out. I don't think either will be on the team in a couple years.

Royster averaged more then helu per rush their rookie year.
Royster posted 100 yard plus games every time he started as a rookie.(minus the game he left w injury I think.. or idk its been a while)
Royster, though injured from time to time, has played both seasons... And recorded a couple tds last year.. helu?

I love Helu, but facts is facts. One thing I will way is Helu probably compliments Morris more.. where Royster has the better vision he ismore similar to Morris then Helu.. and in the middle as far as speed and power.

Speed: Helu Royster morris.
Power: morris Royster helu.

He's dependable, has vision and is a one cut runner.
His limited role last year was pretty much short yardage and obvious run plays. While he could have done better on some plays, he either got what he could or what we needed. I blame his numbers on the role he served. Not sayin he is better then Helu, or vice versa.. fact is his rookie year was equally impressive, they both got beat out by Morris' motor, but HELU hasn't taken a hand off in a year.. #justsayin

Royster seems to run in cement and fall over his own feet too many times for my liking. I actually hope one of these picks replaces him on our roster.

I think Royster will be battling Jamison for the final RB spot. The only knock I have on Royster is that he seems to go down too easily. He was playing through a nagging injury last year, and seemed to only be used in third and long situations on a draw or RB screen. He was set up to fail by how they used him. I'm pretty sure Thompson will knock Helu off the team. Hopefully, we might get a late round pick for Helu.
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Postby riggofan » Fri May 03, 2013 7:58 am

Didn't want to start up a new thread for this, but I thought it was a good/different analysis of the Skins draft.

Washington Redskins

Finds Talent: Satisfactory. David Amerson is another DeAngelo Hall: He will go from boom to bust and back again in the course of three games. As an alleged "shutdown" corner, Hall has been criminally overrated throughout his career. As the 51st overall pick and a developmental player, Amerson is an excellent gamble. Tight end Jordan Reed blocks like a wide receiver but sometimes runs like one. Pass rusher Brandon Jenkins is a good system fit for a team that knows what to do with high-effort pass rushers.

Meets Needs: Satisfactory. Amerson, Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo change the shape of a secondary that had gotten shapeless. The Redskins could still use more depth and better competition at positions like wide receiver and the offensive line.

Uses Resources: Outstanding. With no first-round pick to work with, the Redskins mixed a potential high-impact player in Amerson with quality role players like Reed, Thomas and Jenkins, and grabbing system fits like running back Chris Thompson in late rounds. The upside of this draft class is pretty high.

Final Assessment: Proficient, bordering on Advanced. The Redskins are swinging for blue chippers, a sign that they realize that there is still building to do before they become true contenders. Past Redskins regimes would have flaked out after one divisional title.
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