More Synder bashing, etc. - Dallas Cowboys Weekly 7/03

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More Synder bashing, etc. - Dallas Cowboys Weekly 7/03

Postby Texas Hog » Sat Jul 12, 2003 11:06 am

I know, why would you want to hear from such a rag?...but if you're like me, anything printed on the 'Skins, I want to read.

(the parened comments are mine)

After 10 years as editor of Warpath, Rick Snider has retired from covering the team.

He took a few shots in his final column:

"The memories could fill this edition. I grew up in Washington. The Redskins were my team. I tried to be impartial and professional but 43 percent winners, during my tenure made it easy to be critical. Still, there was nothing sweeter than beating Dallas. Oh, I really loved those wins and hated that nine-game losing streak. Cowboy fans are so insufferable. (how true) :evil:

"As for coaches, I became very good friends with Norv Turner, given we spent seven years together. Norv is a good person. Not a great coach, but a good person that I respected."

"I disliked Marty Schottenheimer greatly. He was a control freak and disingenuous. That said, he was a very good coach who didn't deserve to be fired. I like Steve Spurrier personally, though I don't know whether he'll be successful."

"The current owner? I don't think Dan Snyder will ever be successful because he's too impatient. He's getting better. This offseason showed some maturity, but the bottom line is he wants to be the boss like Jerry Jones without the qualifications other than buying the team. Sorry, it won't work." (whatever!?! - what qualifications?) :^o
The Redskins have been consistently mediocre since Snyder put his mark on the team, going from 10-6 to 8-8 and 7-9.

In four seasons he has tried four coaches - Turner, Terry Robiskie, Schottenheimer and Spurrier. Turner won the NFC East for him in '99, but didn't go far in the playoffs and was fired in 2000.

Snyder tried "buying" an instant Super Bowl team by hiring extremely high-priced has-beens such as Deion Sanders. (ouch that hurt!) Nothing worked.

This year the Redskins adopted a unique philosophy. They went out and bought up a supply of restricted free agents that cost them four draft picks, including their first-round selection which was surrendered in favor of wide receiver Laveranues Coles.

In all, the Redskins acquired 13 new players through free agency even before the draft was conducted. In the draft, they had a record low three-man class of 2003.

Those 13 free agent contracts total more than $112 million, topped by Coles' seven-year deal for $35 million. Guard Randy Thomas signed a seven-year deal for $28 million. Former Cowboy defensive tackle Brandon Noble hit the jackpot for $7 million over four years. The 'Skins are paying a punter $7.13 million (is this true?) for five years and a kick returner $8 million for five years.

Will this scheme work? We'll have to wait and see. (Please God make it work!) [-o<

Meanwhile, the conference champ Philadelhia Eagles continue to sit on the money they have under the salary cap.

Coach Andy Reid is not convinced that crazy spending on free agents in the way to go.

"I'm not sure that's how you win," says Reid. "I think you fill in holes with free agents, and we've done that. I think you have to be very selective of who you take."

"I think you had better put more of your energy into maintaining your team and then working the draft. The way the salary cap is today, if you can discipline yourself to do that, you can maintain your team for "X" number of years. We've done that better than anybody in the league."
(yea, whatever - Andy has signed plenty of 'Skin's castoffs) :moon:
God bless our troops and Joe Gibbs.
We'll miss you, Joe.

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Postby GoKittens » Tue Jul 15, 2003 1:20 pm

I would have to agree with Reid on this. Look at the Panthers and how those high priced FA has beens took out breath away. Remember how much we gave away to get Gilbert away from you guys? And look how that turned out for us. Reggie White?
You build for the future with the draft, and fill the holes with the FA's. I really feel like your team is over paying most of these guys, and it's going to bite you in the butt.
Sure, you could win a Superbowl with all these expensive guys, but look what happens to your team afterwards.
I would much rather watch a dynasty build. Look at the Packers. They are always a contender, even when they aren't a superbowl team, they make you work to beat them. Thats what I want out of my team. Championships come and go, but a Dynasty lasts forever.

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Postby Texas Hog » Wed Jul 16, 2003 8:42 am

Thanks for the reply :)

But are you kidding me? Yea, we overpaid Deion and other high-priced FA's in the past, but not this year. These guys are young and proven vets. Sean Gilbert got greedy, fat and lazy, and we were glad to see him go. As I sure you were.

I'll take another Championship anyday. Dynasties are a thing of the past, and I doubt we'll ever seen another....not sure we've seen one in the modern day.....the cowgirls could have had one if Jerry wouldn't have run Jimmy outta town.....but who else? The Pack? Please. Sure they produce a good product every year as do the Steelers, but I'm not sure letting proven vets go in favor of a $$$ here in there is the answer either.

Did you see the article the other day about some 85% of draft choices don't even stay with the team that drafted them? How can you build a team that way?

BTW, the Skins do have a nucleus of drafted players who are the foundation that allows them to go out and try and polish off the team with FA' Bailey, Arrington, and Samuels.

The Panthers did the right thing in signing Davis....he's a workhorse, and they wouldn't have been able to fill that position through an unproven drafted rookie...right?
God bless our troops and Joe Gibbs.
We'll miss you, Joe.

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Postby heatman28 » Mon Jul 21, 2003 7:03 pm

I agree with texas hog on this one. There are no more dynasties left and there never will be with FA the way it is now. You have to be smart with your signings and contracts to stay competitive in this league these days. I think Wahington does have a good nucleus to build on and they made some good offseason moves this year without breaking the bank. The new philosophy of filling draft picks with proven FA remains to be seen that it will be effective but it's a good sound decision and worth a try. Yes, the 2000 season signings were a HUGE mistake and we lost Brian Mitchell over Peion but I actually think Snyder has learned from that and moved forward. We could have used a 1st or 2nd round DT this year but the 3 picks we did have might have 2 potential starters and that's still not a bad draft if you think about it. Just think of how much money we would have spent on signing 7 unproven picks instead of 3! That's a lot of money for unproven players boys so I think we made out ok with what Snyder did this time. Let's see how camp and preseason go before running Snyder in the ground for what may turn out to be a pretty good thing...

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