Another Read Option Wrinkle

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Another Read Option Wrinkle

Postby BigRedskinDaddy » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:44 pm ... -dash-read

Interesting article (LONG read) about a zone-read veer now being used at TCU. I ate it up because in HS I played OT in an offense that was a veer/wishbone, take your pick. We had split backs with an H-back split to the strong side about 3 yds deep and lined up in the gap between G and T. There was no option about this bad boy though: 3 plays. 1) dive, 2) off-tackle, and 3) toss sweep. We passed about 2-3 times a game lol. Must've been doing something right though: in '83 we became the first prep team in Southern California CIF-SS history with 3 1,000 yard rushers.

<Al Bundy voice> "We were the greatest ever! Best of all time!"....
anyhoo...if anybody's into this sort of thing it's worth the read. Chris Brown knows football inside and out.
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