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Was this a good draft?

Yes, the FO laid the groundwork for future years.
No, they should have grabbed a QB at #10.
Total votes : 24
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Postby 1niksder » Sun May 29, 2011 1:04 am

Red_One43 wrote:
yupchagee wrote:
Red_One43 wrote:
brad7686 wrote:
KazooSkinsFan wrote:
yupchagee wrote:
brad7686 wrote:I have no idea why we didn't take a guard in the second.

I agree. Either Orlando Franklin or Ben Ijalana.

If Jenkins ends up being a good pick then a 3-4 D lineman fills a big hole, and one that's a lot harder to fill then a guard

How do you figure its harder to fill than guard? Especially for us, when we probly have three or four guys that can play there already, and no guards that are worth a crap.

You need two DE's to start, one is Carriker. Who is the other out of your three or four guys you say we already have? Having back ups in starting positions does not work. Golston? - Back up. Jarmon? Couldn't beat out Golston. Daniels? Holliday? Those two are not the future of this team. Guard not worth a crap? The O line improved a lot during the season and also let's keep in mind free agency hasn't played out yet, so picking A guard is not the answer. Picking THE right guard is the answer.

Remember Jarmon was 1st moved to LB so he lost a lot of weight, then back to DE so he gained a lot of weight. Also he was comong off a majot injury & it frequently takes more than a yr to get back to 100%. He will be a very good player.

Good points. Settling into one position and being at 100%. This could be Jarmon's breakout year. I still like the Jenkins pick because the coaches say he is a fit for what they want to do. I trust that they didn't pick a guard because they saw a priority in getting the right players to fix the 31st ranked defense. No knock intended for Golsotn either. He is a high motor guy who is a good special teamer.

Jarmon should be a producer in 2011 and hopefully, so will Jenkins. Both will be needed as will Golston, remember this is just year two of the defensive overall. They'll need a rotation of defensive lineman and simply finding one to play opposite Carriker would prove to be costly come mid-season.

Finding 3-4 defensive ends maybe harder than finding guard, but finding guards that fit Shanny's ZBS narrows any gap.

If a team needs both, it is much easier to draft a 3-4 DE to fit into a rotation and find a ZBS guard on the FA market.

With the draft coming first this year I have to believe that this is the route that they are taking.

Here's why

As mentioned (and always overlooked by the doomsayers) the offensive line progressed as the year went on. Then again starter Jammal Brown and his backup Stephon Heyer may both be on the market once a new CBA is signed, that means there is no starting RT on the roster, Hicks is no more than a backup and is a better guard than tackle anyway. Casey Rabach is like the doors at your local supermarket and is due $3 million for 2011. Yes we are still discussing why they waited until the end of the draft to select someone named Hurt :wink:

The Redskins don't need help at guard, they have a bunch of tackles that NEED to be moved inside, or off the roster. The Redskins drafted Trent Williams last year and he may still be a little raw but he is all we have. The selection of Maurice Hurt means the players they have targeted aren't coming out of school they are coming off their first contracts.

I just hope they target the right guys.

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