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If Julio Jones is availabe at #10 would you draft him or trade the pick

Draft the Receiver
Trade pick to Rams
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Postby funbuncher » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:26 pm

man, I also thought Everette Brown would be a better pro than Brian Orakpo, so my opinions are less than perfect. ha I'm just a fan of a rival team that learned to fear Julio Jones. As mentioned above by Canes, guys like him don't grow on trees. I get that folks around here would be leery of drafting another dang WR, but this is not a Devin Thomas. Think Andre Johnson or T.O.

The ESPN's keep replaying games these days just for freaks like us who are building their imaginary "cough" real draft boards (yes it's pathetic) that no one will ever see. Right now on ESPNU you can check out Ryan Mallet in a replay of last year's ARK/UGA game. He's 2nd on my Redskins wish list after Jones, but in the long run probably more important. I'm hoping we find a way to get creative or that these negative rumors about him push him all the way down to 41.

Check out the Ark/Ohio State game if you get a chance. I've heard McShay referencing that game as a strike against Mallet because he threw the late INT. Stats obviously don't tell the whole story sometimes. Mallet spent the evening with Heyward in his face, but still played one heckuva game. His WR's not so much. Ohio St had 2nd ranked D I think going in. Mallet was throwing deep ins on a rope through tight spaces. He needs to be a Redskin. He learned offense from one of the great play callers in the game today (according to Tom Coughlin), Bobby Petrino.

Sorry guys, got on tangent and left Jones topic back there somewhere. If somehow we could pull off Mallett to Jones for the next 10-15 years in a draft where we are somewhat "pick-poor" would be great is what I was getting at.

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Postby SkinsJock » Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:09 am

I think that adding Jones would be incredible as I think this guy's going to be a really great WR - even given that we have no really good QB - this guy will be special and we will have a good QB shortly

I still think we should try and trade down :lol:
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